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It’s not secret that technology has a proven track record of helping business owners leverage limited capital in a smarter and more effective way. The right technology can provide greater efficiency, flexibility, and adaptability to a constantly changing virtual world, and can make teams much more productive.

But you need to know which industry and situation specific technology to choose. That’s where we come in.

Our team specializes in helping businesses leverage technology for more efficient outcomes. While some businesses may require minor adjustments to reap the benefits of a tech-driven world, others may be a bit behind and will need a full plan of action.

Regardless of your strategy needs, the benefits often outweigh the small challenges related to the transitional process. Once new systems are in place, you’ll begin to see a ramp up in productivity, growth, collaboration, learning, customer satisfaction, and much more.

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Whether you need a new logo or an entire media package, better letterheads, productivity tools for your team, need IT, email, or networking services, looking to design or redesigning your website to make it more captivating, you want to build an online store, you’re looking to create a robust social media strategy and onboard a solid marketing team,  need to create an employee on-boarding package and online training program, or you want to reorganize or restructure one of your departments, the possibilities for growth are endless and @DianaHelps and her network of professionals are standing by to help your business implement the best tools catered to your business.

Individual Approach

We customize each project to perfectly fit our client’s needs.

Easy Solutions to Complex Problems

We implement simple technology based systems that help streamline your business operations.

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Web Design and eCommerce Solutions

Are you looking to create a brand new website or sell products or services through an e-Commerce shop? We can help you decide the best option for your industry specific needs, and ensure you choose the best possible option that lines up with your business goals.

IT Services & Solutions

Our IT service and solutions partners are geniuses at helping small business owners maximize their potential. They offer a full-spectrum of IT solutions offer great support services. Not sure about your IT needs? We can help you figure it out together.

Branding, Digital Marketing, & Product Development

Through our digital marketing agency partners, we offer services such as social media, e-mail marketing, branding, SEO, digital ads, and much more. Their unstoppable passion places them as one of the leading and most trusted agencies, with clients that include UNICEF, Remax, Bayer, etc.

Small Business Startup Packages

We know (first-hand) how difficult and stressful it can be to start a new business venture. From registering your business to designing a website or creating professional email and social platform accounts for your team, we understand the stress.

Operational Documents

From client intake forms to questionnaires to surveys. From (industry specifics) Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs) to corporate presentations and company overview packages, we provide a vast array of operational solutions to streamline your internal and external processes.


Abby Molkentin
Abby Molkentin
9 November 2023
I hired Diana to build my website and as a creative starting up their first business/portfolio, I could NOT be more happy with her work!:) Diana is truly gifted in her field. She took the time to understand the vision for my website and went above and beyond with creating it. Not only did she execute my website beautifully, but she taught me so much I didn’t know about starting my business up and took the time to email me all marketing tactics as well as how to go about launching it publicly. There is no one else who could’ve been as efficient, innovative, and passionate to work with as Diana. She is truly a blessing to work with!
Emily Smith
Emily Smith
18 May 2023
Diana delivers quality work & service to all of the Brownie's Marine Group websites...and always has a can-do attitude. She is attentive, knowledgeable & always solves issues promptly. Her extensive understanding of WordPress has alleviated so many headaches for our entire team. We are lucky to have someone who is always willing to find a viable. We recommend her to anyone looking for website services.
Judith Richard
Judith Richard
14 December 2022
Diana is amazing! She goes above and beyond every time. Thank you Diana
Kim Bonomo
Kim Bonomo
14 December 2022
I would like to recommend Diana Giorgetti's services. She has been handling our account for 5 years and has shown us nothing but professionalism and efficiency. I am also impressed with her attention to security for all of our social media. Kim Bonomo Save Our Sisters
Gabriel Vegan
Gabriel Vegan
22 September 2022
Extremely professional, friendly and informative. Took the time to go over the process step by step to help us understand how to edit our site and setup another if we chose to. Great at managing and teaching how to manage the site as well as contacted us if there were any important issues or a update that was necessary. Always ask before making any changes to make sure we understood and approved of the changes beforehand. Highly recommend her. :)
David Golubev
David Golubev
24 June 2022
extremely talented individual. It's always a pleasure and amazement how quickly projects are accomplished. Some people only have 24 hours in A-day and others have more than 48 hours in the same day. Diana is one of those individuals that goes above and beyond.
Oscar Reyes
Oscar Reyes
2 June 2022
Really happy with the work they did on my website and the support provided after. Diana took the time to explain (in plain terms) what worked for my needs and just what I needed, and actually helped me save money on stuff I was overpaying. He made awesome flyers for my tutoring business, and really cool business cards for my Unity coding work. I HIGHLY recommend her and her team. They are the real deal and they not only do web and other work, but also help you figure out ways to grow your business.
Alexander McCarty
Alexander McCarty
26 May 2022
Diana is always happy to help. She’s a master of her craft, has an easygoing personality and is happy to teach me many handy tricks and tips. Can’t recommend her as a website designer enough ☺️
Stacy Wall
Stacy Wall
25 May 2022
Diana listened to my businesses needs, challenges and took the time to get a real understanding before making suggestions. Diana helped me see past just "todays needs" but rather helped me plan forward and design for a more prosperous future for my business. It was so easy and fun to work with Diana!



Centauri Transport

Centauri Transport provides dedicated scheduled routes, charter options, and the flexibility required to meet the logistical needs of the most complex projects. We operate ocean vessels, strategically sourced to suit the challenging navigation of shallow waters, common to the Bahamas’ outer islands.

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One Of One

OneOfOne embodies the belief that fashion is a reflection of our true selves. I create with the intent to make you feel special and beautiful in your own skin through individualized unique one of one pieces. At OneOfOne, I am committed to ethical fashion.

Learn More About One Of One

Project Baseline

Project Baseline is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization working to explore, document, & protect the underwater world. They mobilize citizen-divers to record change in the world’s underwater environments and to engage with scientific, conservation, and government entities to advance the restoration and protection of our natural and cultural treasures.

Learn More About Project Baseline

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SB Support Specialist

Meet Diana, the creative force behind Diana Helps. With a passion for both web design and empowering small businesses, Diana combines her technical expertise and business acumen to help entrepreneurs thrive in the digital age.

As a skilled web designer, Diana crafts visually stunning and user-friendly websites that leave a lasting impression. Her designs not only captivate but also convert, ensuring that your online presence becomes a valuable asset to your business.

Beyond web design, Diana offers invaluable small business support services. From streamlining operations to developing effective marketing strategies, she’s dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and drive success.

With Diana’s guidance, your business can harness the full potential of the digital world. Join her in the journey of transforming your vision into a thriving reality.



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